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  • Idler Wheels for Top Chains

Idler wheel dedicated for TP-30UTW-LAP

Idler wheels for TP-30UTW-LAP Series accumulation chains.

Equivalent no. of teeth 15T available.

We have newly lined up bearing-type idler wheel with 25mm pilot bore with effective teeth of 15T.

Idler Wheels for TP-30UTW Chains


适用链条 TP-30UTW-LAP
对应齿数 15T
型式 一体式
型号 TP-IW30UTW-15T20 TP-IW30UTW-15T25
材质 超高分子量聚乙烯


TP-IW30UTW 15T - 20
(1) (2) (3)
  1. (1) 型号
  2. (2) 相当实际齿数: 15T = 15
  3. (3) 轴孔直径: 20 = φ20mm(毛坯孔型), 25 = φ25mm(轴承)