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  • Idler Wheels for Top Chains

Idler Sprockets for WT1500/WT3000 Series

Idler sprockets with split teeth for WT1500/WT3000 Series Plastic Modular Chain.

Available with 24 and 32T

Idler Sprockets for WT1500/WT3000 Series


Applicable chains WT1515 (including G), WT1516, WT1505 (including G/GTO/TOD), WT1506, WT3005 (including G), WT3086 (including G), BTN5 (including -A)
No. of teeth 24T 32T
Type Split
Model no. WT-SW1500-24T**-IW WT-SW1500-32T**-IW
Material Body: Polyamide, Bolts & nuts: Stainless steel

2.Model Numbering Example

WT-SW1500 - 24T 30 IW
(1) (2) (3) (4)
  1. (1) Type
  2. (2) No. of teeth: 24T = 24, 32T = 32
  3. (3) Bore diameter: mm
  4. (4) Simplified code: IW = Idler wheel