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Sprockets for BT6 Chain

Solid sprockets for BT6 plastic modular chain.

BT6 sprockets are made to fit loosely on the shaft to absorb differences in thermal expansion between the chain and conveyor, and alignment errors between the sprockets and chain.

  • Available with 10T and 24T.
  • BT6 sprockets have an alignment mark for phase matching.
Sprockets for BT6 Chain

1. Line-up

Type Solid Sprockets
Basic model no. BT6-10T BT6-24T
Applicable chains BTC6, BTCP6, BTC6-T, BTO6, BTN6

*Sample hexagonal shape

BT6-10T figure

*Sample square shape

BT6-24T figure
Material Sprockets for LFB, MWS, ULF, DIA, and DIY Series: Reinforced polyamide
Sprockets for KV150 and 250 Series: Special engineering plastic
No. of teeth 10 24
Bore shape Hexagonal/Square
  • The BT6-10T sprocket can reduce the dead space in conveyors and help make the conveyor more compact.
  • The BT6-24T sprocket can minimize chain-speed variations resulting from chordal action, ensuring smooth conveyance.
  • The number of BT6 sprockets installed, and positions where BT6 sprockets are installed, will vary depending on load conditions.
  • Made-to-order product.

2.Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example
  1. (1) Chain type: BT6 chain
  2. (2) No. of teeth: 10T = 10, 24T = 24
  3. (3) Bore diameter: mm
  4. (4) Bore shape: H = Hexagonal, S = Square