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Sprockets for WT3109-W Chain

Solid sprockets for WT3109-W Series Plastic Modular Chain.

  • Available in 18T.

On October 1, 2018 we added a new model with 16T and enabled a conveyor height of 220mm, which is 30mm lower than with previous products.

Sprockets for WT3109-W Chain


Type Solid Sprockets
Model No. WT-N3100-16T40S WT-N3100-16T60S WT-N3100-16T60
Applicable chains WT3109-W
Shape WT-SW2250-16T30 WT-SW2250-16T40 WT-SW2250-16T40S
Material Reinforced polyamide
No. of teeth 16 16 16
Bore shape Square Square Round
Type Solid Sprockets
Model No. WT-N3100-18T40S WT-N3100-18T60S
Applicable chains WT3109-W
Shape WT-SW2250-18T30 WT-SW2250-18T40
Material Reinforced polyamide
No. of teeth 18 18
Bore shape Square Square
  • Both square and round-bore sprockets are made to fit loosely on the shaft to absorb differences in thermal expansion between the chain and conveyor, and alignment errors between the chain and sprockets.

2.Model Numbering Example

WT - N 3100 - 16T 40 S
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
  1. (1) Type
  2. (2) Sprocket type: N = Solid Sprocket
  3. (3) Chain type: 3100 = WT3100 Series
  4. (4) No. of teeth: 16T = 16, 18T = 18
  5. (5) Bore diameter: mm
  6. (6) Bore shape: [Blank] = Round, S = Square