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  • Plastic Modular Chain

BT6 Series

Chain pitch: 19.05mm

Complete line-up of various upper surface shapes.

  • BTC6: Closed type
  • BTO6: Open type
  • BTCP6: Open type (BTC6 with open holes)
  • BTC6-T: Closed type (with float-preventive tabs)
  • BTN6: Net type
  • BTN6: Net type
BT6 Series

Notice: Integration of ULF Series with ALF Series

  • We will be integrating ULF Series Plastic Top Chain with ALF Series on orders from April 2017.
  • We will be integrating ALF Series with ULF Series Plastic Modular Chain and Plastic Block Chain on orders from June 2017.
  • Contact a Tsubaki representative for more information regarding ULF Series after integration.
  • ALF Series (ultra-low friction and wear resistant series) dramatically reduces the amount of wear debris generated from sliding with running rails (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) under non-lubricated conditions while maintaining the same ultra low coefficient of friction coefficient as the conventional ULF Series.

1. Features

Wide conveying surface
Provides a wide conveyance surface with its combination of interlocking engineering plastic modular links.
Smooth transference
Short pitches mean a smaller sprocket and smooth transference between conveyors.
Easy maintenance
Composed of three parts -- modular links, pins, and snap attachments, for easy assembly and disassembly. Modular links that break can be replaced in sections, reducing maintenance time.
Accurate conveyance
The chain and sprocket engagement creates none of the slippage or damage to chain ends that is found on flat belts for accurate conveyance.
Open hole type (BTCP6)
This is the open hole version of the BTC6. Using these holes allows for vacuum conveyance of goods.
*You will need to include a drawing in order to specify hole positioning (made-to-order product).
Attachment type (BTC6-T)
This version of the BTC6 has float-preventive tabs to prevent the chain from floating above the frame.
Uses engineering plastic approved by the Food Sanitation Act, enabling conveyors that match the food products they convey.

2. Line-up

Closed type Open type Net type
BTC picture BTO picture BTN picture
With attachments Open hole type
BTC6T picture BTCP6 picture

3. Model Numbering Example

BT C 6 - 7620 - T - LFB - TK
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
  1. (1) Model
  2. (2) Link shape: C = Closed type, O = Open type, N = Net type, CP = Open hole type
  3. (3) Chain pitch: 6 = 19.05mm
  4. (4) Chain width: (Example) 7627 = 762.0mm
  5. (5) T = With tabs (with attachments), Blank = No attachments
  6. (6) Series code*: LFW/LFG/LFB = Low friction, Anti-wear, MWS = Anti-bacterial, anti-mold, ALF = Ultra-low friction and wear resistant, DIA/DIY = Impact resistant
  7. (7) TK: Made-to-order product (with attachments/open hold type)
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