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  • Plastic Modular Chain

BTH16 Series

Chain pitch: 50.8mm

This highly durable chain has the largest allowable load of any plastic modular chain.

  • BTH16: Closed type (Heavy duty type)
BTH16 Series

1. Features

  • Has the highest allowable load of any plastic modular chain (62kN/m)
  • Perfect for conveying large quantities or heavy loads.
  • Special projections on the chain upper surface provide a non-slip surface. The upper surface prevents slipping and catching, making it perfect for man conveyors and the like.
  • Uses a slide plug for the pin stopper, making chain connection easy and reducing chain part replacement and maintenance times.

When considering using this chain, confirm your usage conditions (application, conveyed material, conveyor length, environment, speed, temperature, etc.) before contacting a Tsubaki representative.

2. Structure

BTH16 picture

Slide plugs are red.

3. Model Numbering Example

BTH16Series Model Numbering Example
  1. (1) Model
  2. (2) Link shape: H = Heavy duty type
  3. (3) Chain pitch: 16 = 50.8mm
  4. (4) Chain width: (Example) 15000 = 1500mm
  5. (5) Series code: B = Normal specifications