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  • Plastic Modular Chain

BTM8H Series

Chain pitch: 25.4mm

Plastic modular chain with magnets embedded in the links.

  • BTM8H: Closed type (Magnet type)
BTM8H Series

1. Features

  • Magnets embedded in the links adhere to conveyed (magnetic) objects to enable inclined conveyance.
  • Does not use flights, which avoids damage to conveyed goods from flight interference.

Made-to-order product. We will need to consult with you regarding magnet positioning.

2. Magnet Model Diagram

Magnets can be positioned in freely in rows to match your application or conveyance needs.

Refer to the diagram on the right for positioning.

BTM8H Model Diagram

3. Model Numbering Example

BTM8H Model Numbering Example
  1. (1) Model
  2. (2) Link shape: M = Magnet type
  3. (3) Chain pitch: 8 = 25.4mm
  4. (4) Type
  5. (5) Chain width: (Example) 3048 = 304.8mm
  6. (6) Series code: LFG = Low friction, Anti-wear type
  7. (7) TK: Made-to-order product