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  • Plastic Modular Chain

WT1515F-W/WT1516F-W Series

Chain pitch 15mm type.

This is a plastic modular chain with flight that can be tranport product vertically.

  • WT1515F-W:closed type
  • WT1515F-W:open type

New product:Plastic Modular Chain WT1515F-W/WT1516F-W Wide Type.


1. Features

Flight height that can be selected according to the application
  • Line-up of 10mm and 50mm flight heights.
  • Consider the flight height that matches the conveyance conditions.

Flight heights other than 10 mm and 50mm are available upon request.

Flight height 10mm

image-Flight height 10mm

Flight height 50mm

image-Flight height 50mm

Line-up of 0mm and 25mm indent types.
  • Used to support the chain with rollers, etc. on the return side.
  • Depending on the conveyance conditions, an indent of 0mm can also be used.
  • The indent width of 25mm represents indent of 25mm with both sides of the chain.
  • Indents other than 25 mm are available upon request.

Indent 0mm

image-Indent 0mm

Indent 25mm

image-Indent 25mm

Tab guide attachment (to prevent floating)

Tab guide attachment prevents chain from floating.


Tab guide attachment (to prevent floating)

Easy maintenance and partial repair
  • The slit pin with integrated plug system is adopted for the chain width of 50mm and 100mm.
  • Conventional pin + plug system is also supported.
  • Slit pin system is only available for standard(B) and low friction/wear resistant(LFG) series.
  • For a chain width of 150mm or wider, pin and plug system is available.

Slit pin with integrated plug system

image-Slit pin with integrated plug system

Pin and plug system

image-Pin and plug system

Conforms Food Sanitation Act.
Standard(B), low friction/wear resistant(LFG) and heat resistant(HTW) series conform to the Food Sanitation Law(Ministry of Health and Welfare notification No. 370)

2. Application example

【Image of conveyance】   【Image of conveyance object】
Image of conveyance Image of conveyance object
NOTE) Conveyor frame is not available.    

3. Flight Dimensions

Determine the following dimensions to install the flight.

  • Interval of the flight ; P (can be installed from 15mm)
  • Flight height ; F (select from 10mm and 50mm.)
  • Indent ; N (required to support the chain with rollers, etc. on the return side. 25mm)

The chain with 0mm indent cannot be supported by rollers, etc. on the return side.

image-Flight Dimensions

4. Model Numbering Example


image-Model Numbering Example-Standard

注) 1.Do not leave spaces between letters and symbols when ordering.
  2.Tab guide attachment The tabs are typically installed at the center of the chain with every 2 links.
      Contact a Tsubaki representative for other arrangements.
      If there is no symbol, the model number should be WT1515F-W100-LFG-SP-4L-FM50N2+80L.
  3.Chain width Width knitting is possible in increments of 50mm to 50mm
  4.Chain material B Standard
    LFG low friction/wear resistance
    HTW heat resistance
  5.Flight height FM10=10mm
  6.Indent N0=0mm
  7.Number of links Minimum number = 2
    Maximum number = 99999

【Special configuration】

image-Model Numbering Example-Special configuration

NOTE) Do not leave spaces between letters and symbols when ordering.
When special elements other than standard configuration, such as chain width, flight height and indent spacing are included, contact a Tsubaki representative for further information.