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  • Plastic Modular Chain

WT3000 Series

Chain pitch: 30mm

Has double the pitch of the WT1500 Series but can use the same sprocket.

  • WT3005-K: Closed type
  • WT3086-K: Open type
  • WT3005G-K: Closed type
    (with tab guide attachment)
  • WT3086G-K: Open type
    (with tab guide attachment)
WT3000 Series

1. Features

  • Has double the pitch of the WT1500 Series but can use the same sprocket. Can run parallel on the same shaft too for an even wider range of applications.

2. Line-up

Closed type Open type Closed type with tab guide attachment Open type with tab guide attachment
WT3005-K picture WT3085-K picture WT3005G-K picture WT3085G-K picture

3. Model Numbering Example

WT 30 05 G - K24 - LFG
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
  1. (1) Model
  2. (2) Chain pitch: 30 = 30mm
  3. (3) Link shape: 05 = Closed type, 86 = Open type
  4. (4) Blank = No tab guide attachment, G = With tab guide attachment
  5. (5) Chain width:
    (WT3005/WT3005G-K) Inch (Example) K12 = 304.8mm (12 inches x 25.4 = 304.8mm)
    (WT3086/WT3086G-K) mm (Example) K510 = 510mm
  6. (6) Series Code*: ALF = Ultra-low friction and wear resistant, LFG = Low friction, Anti-wear, NLF = Low friction
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Notice: Integration of ULF Series with ALF Series

  • We will be integrating ULF Series Plastic Top Chain with ALF Series on orders from April 2017.
  • We will be integrating ALF Series with ULF Series Plastic Modular Chain and Plastic Block Chain on orders from June 2017.
  • Contact a Tsubaki representative for more information regarding ULF Series after integration.
  • ALF Series (ultra-low friction and wear resistant series) dramatically reduces the amount of wear debris generated from sliding with running rails (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) under non-lubricated conditions while maintaining the same ultra low coefficient of friction coefficient as the conventional ULF Series.