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WT3109-W Series

Chain pitch 31.75mm

WT3109-W Series can now be used on low-floor man conveyors (conveyor height=250mm) thanks to its smaller chain pitch.

1. Features

Can be used on low-floor type conveyors (conveyor height = 200mm, 250mm)
Recommended conditions: As a guide, chain width should be less than 1200mm, conveyor length less than 30m, and load less than 100kg/m.
Suitable for light-load man-- conveyors which carry workers and carts.

Cross-sectional view of the WT3109-W Series for low-floor conveyors (reference example)

reference example

Frame strength and other factors besides the chain need to be taken into account in order to enable low floor conveyors (conveyor height = 250mm). Thus, we highly recommend use under the conditions above.

A special relief pattern embossed on the top surface of the chain prevents slipping.
The upper surface prevents slipping and catching, making it perfect for man conveyors and the like.
Upper surface prevents picture
Uses a slide plug for the pin stopper
Chain assembly and disassembly is a snap, reducing sectional chain replacement and maintenance times.
Slide plugs picture

When considering using this chain, confirm your usage conditions (application, conveyed material, conveyor length, environment, speed, temperature, etc.) before contacting a Tsubaki representative.

2. Structure

WT3109-W picture

Slide plugs are red.

3. Model Numbering Example

WT 31 09 - W1200 - B
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
  1. (1) Model
  2. (2) Chain pitch: 31 = 31.75mm
  3. (3) Type: 9 = Slip-preventive surface
  4. (4) Chain width: (Example) W1200 = 1200mm
  5. (5) Series code: B = Normal specifications