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  • Plastic Modular Chain

WT3835-K/WT3835-T Series

Chain pitch: 38.1mm

Uses a slide plug for the pin stopper.

  • WT3835-K: Closed type
  • WT3835-T: Closed type
    (with float-preventive tabs)
WT3835 Series

1. Features

Easy chain cutting
Uses a slide plug for the pin stopper. Can be easily removed with just a screwdriver.
With float-preventive tabs (WT3835-T)
Can be fitted with float-preventive tabs for use on inclined or vertical vacuum conveyors.

2. Line-up

Closed type Closed type with float-preventive tabs
WT3835-K picture WT3835-T picture

3. Model Numbering Example

WT3835-K/WT3835-T Model Numbering Example
  1. (1) Model
  2. (2) Chain pitch: 38 = 38.1mm
  3. (3) Type
  4. (4) T = With tabs (attachments), Blank = No attachments
  5. (5) Chain width: Inch *Multiply by 25.4 when calculating millimeter widths. (Example) 18 x 25.4 = 457.2mm
  6. (6) Series code*:
    (WT3835-K) LFB = Low friction, Anti-wear, NLF = Low friction, HTW = High temperature
    (WT3835-T) LFB = Low friction, Anti-wear
  7. (7) TK: Made-to-order product (with float-preventive tabs)
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