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  • Plastic Top Chain


Uses crescent shaped top plates.

Has fixed gaps between links to prevent fingers and conveyed items from getting caught.

  • TORP: Stainless steel pin type
  • TOSP: Stainless steel pin type

1. Features

  • Can laterally convey in a loop. The entire upper plate surface can be used to convey.
  • There is no return side chain, so the height of the conveyor can be reduced.
  • Crescent shaped top plates have a fixed gap between links during sideflexing to reduce items getting caught.
  • For TOSP Series, install a sprocket in the curved section.
  • The pin - bush interface on the chain has been prelubricated.
  • Not available with plastic pins.

2. Structure

TORP Series

TORP Structure

TOSP Series

TOSP Structure

3. Model Numbering Example

TORP 1143
(1) (2)
  1. (1) Model: TORP/TOSP
  2. (2) Plate width: 1143 = 114.3mm