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  • Plastic Top Chain

TPUN Series

Designed to prevent pivot misassembly. Prevents poor sprocket engagement due to inserting the pivot in the wrong direction.

Features a small sideflex radius and a large allowable load (1.8x that of TTUP Series).

Minimum sideflex radius: 140mm

  • TPUN555: Stainless steel pin type
TPUN Series

1. Features

Uses a D-pin with a projection on one side
D-pins prevent trouble with pins falling out and breakage due to with the pin hole engagement that plague traditional knurled pins. It also prevents poor articulation due to fallen link legs during connection.
Direction of pin insertion/Pin projection
Designed to prevent pivot misassembly.
Designed to prevent misassembly of the pivot into the reverse of the link. This eliminates mistakes in the direction of pivot insertion during chain assembly and connection, which can prevent poor chain and sprocket engagement.
Stable conveyance
Plate construction minimizes gaps between links during sideflexing, making it perfect for stably conveying items.
Minimum sideflex radius: 140mm
Has a smaller sideflex radius than conventional top chains (TTUP and TPU Series). Ideal for tight conveyors
Large allowable load
Has 1.8x the allowable load of TTUP Series, making it perfect for high load conditions.
  • Not available with plastic pins.。

2. Structure

TPUN Structure

Only available with D-pins (special pin for TPUN Series).

3. Model Numbering Example

TPUN 555 - LFB
(1) (2) (3)
  1. (1) Model
  2. (2) Plate width: 555 = 55.5mm
  3. (3) Series code*: Blank = Standard (green), W = Standard (white), LFW/LFG/LFB = Low friction, anti-wear, ALF = Ultra-low friction and wear resistant, WR = Low friction
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Notice: Integration of ULF Series with ALF Series

  • We will be integrating ULF Series Plastic Top Chain with ALF Series on orders from April 2017.
  • We will be integrating ALF Series with ULF Series Plastic Modular Chain and Plastic Block Chain on orders from June 2017.
  • Contact a Tsubaki representative for more information regarding ULF Series after integration.
  • ALF Series (ultra-low friction and wear resistant series) dramatically reduces the amount of wear debris generated from sliding with running rails (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) under non-lubricated conditions while maintaining the same ultra low coefficient of friction coefficient as the conventional ULF Series.