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  • ステンレスドライブチェーン LSC仕様 特長


ステンレスドライブチェーン LSC仕様 特長

Attachments are parts for attaching conveying jigs to chains. They can be attached at any link spacing.

1. Standard attachment

Standard attachments are both economical and versatile.

■ A attachment

A attachments are bent on one side of the chain.

They are referred to as A1, A2, or A3, depending on the number of bolt holes.

A1 attachment

A1 attachment

A2 attachment

A2 attachment

A3 attachment

A3 attachment

■ K attachment

K attachments are bent on both sides of the chain.

They are referred to as K1, K2, or K3, depending on the number of bolt holes.

K1 attachment

K1 attachment

K2 attachment

K2 attachment

K3 attachment

K3 attachment

■ GA attachment

GA attachments have a hole in the link plates on one side.

Referred to as GA2 or GA4, depending on the number of bolts holes.

GA2 attachment

GA2 attachment

GA4 attachment

GA4 attachment

2. Special attachments

Special attachments for various applications.

■ Deep link

Deep link attachment

■ Top roller

Top roller attachment

■ Outboard roller

Outboard roller attachment

■ Flow

Flow attachment

3. Integrated Attachments

Wide variety of Integrated Attachments.

■ SA attachments

SA attachments

Straight attachment on one side

■ SK attachments

SK attachments

Straight attachments on both sides

■ CA2 attachments

CA2 attachments

Used to attach a net or slat with no spacing

■ AA3 attachments

AA3 attachments

Strong type, attachment fits between the plates.

■ AR2 attachments

AR2 attachments

A attachment with increased flexural rigidity
(w/reinforcing ribs)

■ MG2 attachments

MG2 attachments

Allows for one mounted jig to be used

■ AS2 attachments

AS2 attachments

For scrapers or flights

■ AF2 attachments

AF2 attachments

For deep scrapers or flights

■ WSA0 attachments

WSA0 attachments

Prevents conveyed items from spilling

■ Extended pins

Extended pins

Objects can be attached to the pin end
(model no.: EN)

■ Stay pins

Stay pins

Item can be directly laid on stay pin, or mesh, etc. can be attached
(model no.: TN)

■ Top plates

Top plates

Prevents damage to conveyed items
(model no.: TP)

■ Trolley rollers

Trolley rollers

Used in long distance, horizontal applications
(model no.: TRO)

■ Outboard rollers

Outboard rollers

Provides support for heavy loads
(model no.: RO)

■ Guide shoes

Guide shoes

Prevents lateral movement
(model no.: GS)

■ Guide rollers

Guide rollers

Used in horizontal applications
(model no.: GR)

■ Fixed dogs

Fixed dogs

Conveys by pushing
(model no.: KD)

■ Dog rollers

Dog rollers

Conveys round items by pushing
(model no.: RD)

■ Tilting dogs

Tilting dogs

Can accumulate items on top of the conveyor
(model no.: CD)

■ Roller tilting dogs

Roller tilting dogs

Can accumulate round items
(model no.: RCD)

■ Ducking dogs

Ducking dogs

Conveyed item will remain in fixed position
(model no.: DD)