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Application Examples and Benefits -- Water treatment

Tsubaki has long years of experience and success in a variety of industries and applications, which allows us to provide solutions uniquely tailored to the problems facing any application.

You'll find examples below of Tsubaki in action in various industries and applications. Contact a Tsubaki representative to find out how we can tailor our solutions to meet your individual needs.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment Chain

Specially designed for special applications
  • Specially designed for each specialized process
  • Optimal design based on years of experience and success

Scraper and Flight Conveyor Chains

Used to convey abrasive items
  • Used to convey bulk items horizontally or at an incline
  • Can select from a variety of chain series to match your conveyed material

Net (Stay Pin) Conveyor Chain

Extended pin on one side
  • Nets and aprons can be attached
  • The shape of the pins can be changed

Water Screen Chain

Used on automatic water screens such as those found in water intakes at thermal power plants.
  • Optimal specifications for repeated exposure to seawater and air
  • No additional lubrication required