KV Series Plastic Roller Chain Features

KV Series plastic rollers can be used in the high temperatures (180ºC) and in contact with chemicals that conventional plastic rollers could not!

30% lighter than steel roller chain

Lightweight 30% lighter

Plastic rollers make the chain 30% lighter!

This makes the chain easier to handle, and reduces tension on the chain for longer life and less power consumption!

3-4dB quieter than steel roller chain

Quiet 3-4dB quieter

Steel rollers produce metal-on-metal contact noise, but plastic rollers are quieter.

KV Series plastic rollers are 3-4dB quieter than steel rollers.
*Standard plastic rollers are 5-7dB quieter. Low Noise Series rollers are a further 5-7dB quieter than standard plastic rollers.

Lube-free operation with a lower coefficient of friction!

Lower coefficient of friction 30% lower

As plastic rollers use oil as their base material, so they can offer the same coefficient of friction as a lubricated chain without additional lubrication.

This self-lubricating function of plastic rollers gives them a 30% lower coefficient of friction when rotating than a steel roller chain with no additional lubrication.

Plastic rollers can be used even in high temperature furnaces!

Heat resistant

While conventional plastic rollers have a maximum operating temperature of 60ºC, KV Series rollers use a special super engineering plastic, allowing them to be used continuously up to 180ºC (such as high temperature furnaces).



Often used in the light electrical appliance and painting industries, where static electricity has to be avoided.

Conforms to standards for flame resistance

Flame resistant

Conforms to UL V-O class standards (most flame resistant)

Long life, wear resistant rollers!

Better wear resistance

Provides much longer wear life in high temperature environments, wet or dry, than conventional plastic rollers!

And thanks to its self-lubricating functions, you can expect longer life than with steel roller chain!

Conforms to the Food Sanitation Act

Food Sanitation Act Passed

KV Series plastic rollers use a material that has been approved by the Food Sanitation Act.

You'll find it used throughout the food industry.

Plastic roller that offers superior chemical resistance.

Tough against various types of chemicals, and offers superior resistance to cleaning chemicals!

Chain Series and Chemical Resistance (If base chain is steel, then chemical resistance of the base chain is the same as for steel chain.)

Liquid/Chain Series and Material KV Series Special Engineering Plastic Polyacetal Chemical Resistant Series Polyamide, Reinforced Polyamide Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene SUS304 (18.8SUS) Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steel (SUS630)
Oil (plant/mineral)
Ammonia water
Hydrochloric acid (2%)
Hydrogen peroxide solution
Sodium hydroxide (25%)
Citric acid
Chromic acid
Acetic acid
Carbon tetrachloride
Sodium hypochlorite
Sodium hypochlorite (less than 200ppm during washing)
Sodium hypochlorite (less than 50ppm during washing)
Nitric acid (5%)
Potassium hydroxide
Carbonated water
Soapy water
Lactic acid
Fruit juice
Vegetable juice
Sulfuric acid
Phosphoric acid (10%)
  • ○: Sufficient corrosion resistance, △: Corrosion resistance in some applications
  • [Attention]The above are results from in-house testing at 20ºC and are not guaranteed results. Temperature, operating conditions, and other factors must be comprehensively considered in actual usage.
  • *The chain's chemical resistance includes the chemical resistance of the base chain pin (SUS304 equivalent).
  • *After washing always immediately wash away chemicals with regular water.