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  • Introducing Tsubaki's new Low Contact Pressure type KE Series Power Lock®


Introducing Tsubaki's new Low Contact Pressure type KE Series Power Lock®

Special bolts reduce the contact pressure generated

Can be used on small diameter hubs, where power locks have traditionally been difficult to use on.
Can be used in various applications without sacrificing compatibility with a wide range of shaft tolerances, which is a feature of the KE Series.

Power lock KE-LP structure fig.

Can even be used when…

The hub is thick

Hub strength cannot withstand the contact pressure generated

There is insufficient shaft strength


Hub diameters can be downsized to help in creating more compact equipment

KE-LP features images

Structure with small inner-to-outer diameter ratio

Can be mounted on small hubs thanks to its small outer diameter. Provides low contact pressure with the same inner-to-outer diameter ratio.

KE-LP features images

Can be used with a wide range of shaft tolerances

Can be used with shaft tolerances of m6, k6, js6, and h6 to h10.

KE-LP features images


No guide for centering required as it has superior concentricity when mounting on hubs. No troublesome finishing required -- OK with straight bores, and the shaft is straight.

Features of Low Contact Pressure type KE Series Power Locks -- Video

Power Lock -- Handling -- Video

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