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  • Substantially Increased Torque Tsubaki's new NER Series Echt-Flex® disc Coupling


Substantially Increased Torque Tsubaki's new NER Series Echt-Flex® disc Coupling

Introducing a new Echt-Flex Coupling flex coupling series from Tsubaki

NER Series enables overwhelmingly higher power and downsizing through a newly developed disc and optimized bolts.
Tsubaki's original center unit structure dramatically reduces mounting time.

NER Series Structure and Material

NER Series Structure and Material picture

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Echt-Flex Coupling -- NER Series Structure -- Movie

Center unit structure dramatically reduces coupling mounting time.

Center unit

Echt-Flex -- NER Series Assembly Method -- Movie

NER Series uses a center unit structure that fixes two pairs of discs (leaf springs) with a spacer and flanges on both sides. This unit is delivered as a complete set, eliminating the burden of fixing the disc.

After centering, just fix the hubs and center units with their respective bolts using a small torque wrench. Couplings can be mounted in about half the time of conventional products.

High kW rating enables compact selection

  • Substantially higher torque and greater downsizing possible compared to conventional series
  • Center unit structure can accommodate large shaft bore diameters
  • Non-backlash, high torsional stiffness, no lubrication, and long life
  • Wide variety of options available
  • RoHS compliant, environmentally friendly

Comparison of torque when outer diameters are the same


(500kW at 1450rpm when selecting sf ≧2.0)

NER Series Echt-Flex Coupling Applications


Pumps illustration

NER Series Echt-Flex Couplings are suitable for applications where easy installation and removal are needed, such as pumps.

The connection is cut when the center unit is removed, without needing to move the motor and pump, making pump maintenance easy.


Presses illustration

With more presses using servo mechanisms, non-backlash Power Locks are ideal for locking shafts on presses where position accuracy is needed.

NER Series Echt-Flex Couplings can be used with Power Locks.

Contact a Tsubaki representative for more information.

Locking Type Power Lock

Locking Type Power Lock fig.

Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers illustration

A Long Spacer Type coupling using wear resistant CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) is used between the cooling fan drive motor and reducer. The coupling is much lighter than stainless steel couplings, which greatly increases its workability.

Contact a Tsubaki representative for more information.

Composite spacer type

Composite spacer type picture

Automobile Testing Device

Automobile Testing Device illustration

Flange mounting is possible by removing the hub when fixing things other than shafts to the coupling, such as with automobile testing devices.

Contact a Tsubaki representative for more information.

Flange mounting type

Flange mounting type fig.

Support and Contact for NER Series Echt-Flex Coupling

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