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Surface Treated Neptune® Chain Features and Applications

New surface treatment structure and individual part treatment

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  • Combines Tsubaki's uniquely developed special coating and special resin coating for superb corrosion (rust) and chemical resistance.
  • Each part of Neptune Chain is individually surface treated -- unlike chains that are surface treated after assembly, Neptune Chains are surface treated right to the innermost part of the chain.

Superb corrosion resistance

Neptune Chain didn't rust after 700 hours in salt spray tests (JIS-Z-2371).

Standard Specs Corrosion (rust) resistance Chemical resistance
Salt Spray Tests* 1000ppm sodium hypochlorite 5% sodium hydroxide
Neptune Series

700 hours

chain pictures

2000 hours

chain pictures

2000 hours

chain pictures
Previous series

700 hours

chain pictures

Rusted after 200 hours

chain pictures

Flaking after 15 hours

chain pictures

Salt spray tests conducted in accordance with JIS-Z-2371.

Superb chemical resistance

Neptune Chain now has vastly improved corrosion resistance to alkali chemicals that are often used in washdown processes on food preparation equipment.

Previous series

Chart Previous series

Neptune Chain

Chart Neptune Chain

In-house test comparison.

No loss of strength

Uses a low temperature treatment so as not to affect chain strength (part hardness). Therefore, Neptune Chain tensile strength and allowable load are the same as with standard steel chains. Ref.: For RS80 size drive chain

kN {kgf}

Specifications Standard Specifications NEP Series NP Series SS Series stainless steel series
Min. tensile strength 71.6 {7300} 71.6 {7300} 71.6 {7300} -
Max. allowable load 14.7 {1500} 14.7 {1500} 12.7 {1300} 1.77 {180}

Lower environmental load


Surface Treated Neptune Chain uses no harmful hexavalent chromium in its corrosion resistant surface treatment, nor any other hazardous substances such as lead, cadmium, mercury, or arsenic. Neptune chains are RoHS compliant.

RoHS is a directive issued by the European Union limiting the use of specified hazardous substances in electronics or electrical equipment.

Neptune Chain Applications

Nursing bath

Nursing bath illustration

A stainless teel chain that would satisfy the required performance would be too big to fit in the space provided, so the user chose a Neptune chain, which has the same strength as steel chain. Slight amounts of detergent and other chemicals are used in the bath, so Neptune provided a much longer service life than steel chains.

Automated Warehouse

Automated Warehouse illustration

Used on a stacker crane for mushroom cultivation. In this high temperature, high humidity environment, standard chains quickly corroded and suffered wear, while the required stainless steel chain would be too big, so the user chose Neptune.

Raw Garbage Agitator

Raw Garbage Agitator illustration

This equipment turns raw garbage into compost. The agitator, travel section, and drive of the equipment all use chain, but the corrosive environment (ammonia gas, etc.) degrades steel chain and shortens its service life. Switching to Neptune has doubled the wear life.

Spiral Conveyor

Spiral Conveyor illustration

The center of the spiral conveyor rotates and lifts or lowers the conveyed goods. These conveyors are used in high and low temperatures, in contact with water or steam, in contact with chemicals, and many other environments. The drive requires a high tensile strength that stainless steel chains cannot provide. Neptune chain, with its corrosion and chemical resistance, solves this problem.

Frozen Noodle Conveyor

Frozen Noodle Conveyor illustration

This conveyor conveys food, so there is always a wash-down when different products are conveyed or at the end of operations. Chemicals are used during this wash-down, so we proposed Neptune with its corrosion and chemical resistance. The chain in the drive section is covered but cleaning water and chemicals sometimes splash on the cover -- with Neptune, the user can use their chain worry free.

PET Bottle Sterilizer

PET Bottle Sterilizer illustration

Sterilizes PET bottles. The conveying area uses a special chain that is regularly in contact with water. The customer uses Neptune chain to prevent rusting.

Neptune Series line-up

Neptune Series Drive Chain


Neptune Series Double Pitch Chain


Neptune Series RS Attachment Chain


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