Example Zip Chain Lifter® applications

Operator lifter

Used in the inspection work process after automobile body spraying. The operator in the foreground is inspecting the side of the body, while the operator in the background is inspecting the roof.

Lifter for installation of engine/rear suspension

Used in the rear suspension/engine assembly process. The rear suspension/engine is raised up from below using a lifter, and is then attached by the operator to an automobile body suspended from a ceiling-mounted conveyor.
The lifter is capable of raising and lowering heavy loads quickly, which can reduce the burden on the operator and also improve productivity.

Examples of Special Applications

Suspended unit

Lowers the filling gun used to fill automobile brake oil without swinging. Using an electric or hydraulic cylinder requires space to store the cylinder, but a Zip Chain can be stored in a compact housing running along the ceiling, allowing effective use of ceiling space.