Dialogue with Employees

We regularly conduct employee awareness surveys to ensure that our organizational operations reflect the voices of our employees, with the goal of creating a better working environment.

Twice a year, we hold a Business Status Briefing for all employees at each business site to explain our financial results and problems to be faced. In FY 2020, in order to avoid the “Three Cs,” we have been distributing a video, Explanation of Business Conditions and Message from the President and COO, to all employees. Workers’ unions also promote mutual understanding of business operations and union activities through the Labor Council, top-level meetings between management and labor, and workshop meetings.

Amidst the spread of Covid-19, the video has gone out in a timely fashion to keep all employees up to date on the measures we as a company are taking to prevent the spread, and by making it available on our company intranet we have striven to eliminate employees’ feelings of unease. We are also making efforts to ensure the safety of overseas locations and overseas employees. We are engaging in close exchange of information with our business sites in those countries and regions where the spread has been particularly severe, and are sending necessary supplies to these sites.

Toward a Sustainable Society

The Tsubaki Group is engaged in the “art of moving” and aims to provide value that exceeds expectations
to become a company that continues to be needed by society.