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Storage equipment and system for drug development and biotechnology and nanotechnology field


"Compound library keeping system" is the possible system in which pickup/delivery station picking in each bottle by the robot is from on the tray to keeping, management of the tray only for keeping where Baial bottle and various reagent bottles are on to an under automatic thermo adjutment environment by the automatic operation . Be to be able to do the picking high-speed and accurately from from among a large amount of sample to a large feature.


"Labostocker" is small frozen keeping warehouse where the plate and the micro tube rack were kept, managed under an automatic thermo adjustment environment, and the high-speed automatic operation pickup/delivery station was realized. A stability keeping and a high-speed pickup/delivery station that thoroughly excludes of the frost and the condensation can be a big feature, and the laboratory etc. of existing also set it up easily.