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Linear Actuator

Tsubaki offers a variety of linear actuator products, including power cylinders, lifters, and jacks combining ball screws, trapezoidal screws, gears, and motors, as well as actuators using chain meshing to meet customer needs.

Power Cylinders and Lifters

Power Cylinders are high performance electrical cylinders with simple wiring that use a screw and nut mechanism in the cylinder. Lift Masters are self-standing type electrical lifters with a screw and guide mechanism housed in the frame to allow for overhanging and lateral loads.


Linear actuators (jacks) are composed of a combination of trapezoidal screw threads or ball screws and worm gears. They operate by simply connecting them to a drive motor. They come in three types: trapezoidal screw thread, ball screw, and high-lead ball screw.

Chain Meshing Type Actuators

Meshing chain (Zip Chain) is a chain uniquely developed by Tsubaki. Two chains interlock like a zipper to form a single, strong column for pushing and pulling applications. Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuators are linear actuator products using this chain.