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Shaft Coupling

Shaft coupling is a machine element that connect shafts. Tsubaki offers an extensive line-up of couplings to meet diversified needs -- from general applications to high precision servo motor applications.

Chain Couplings


Flexible couplings, two strands of robust chains specially designed for couplings wrapped around two sprockets used for general power transmission operations. Also available are economical couplings with polyacetal or other resin chain provided with sprockets.

Disk Couplings


A lube-free coupling with high torsional stiffness, no backlash, and the best features of servo motors. The disc, optimally shaped through finite element analysis, reliably transmits torque while smoothly absorbing misalignment.

Beam/Bellows Couplings


A beam coupling is a small precision coupling that can absorb large axial misalignment from both shafts by means of helical slits. A bellows coupling can easily transmit torque very precisely with no backlash thanks to its bellows construction.
*We are discontinuing sales on March 31, 2018.

Elastomer Couplings


Tsubaki's line-up includes Jaw-Flex Couplings (in two types: L Series, perfect for direct connection to standard motors, and LN Series, ideal for absorbing shock with no backlash during servo motor starts and stops), Neo-Flex Couplings that use uniquely formed special synthetic rubber compressed and press fitted into the flange, and Oldham Couplings with a large allowable parallel eccentricity and excellent durability.

Power Rigid Coupling


A rigid coupling for machine tools that employs a taper-lock structure to ensure a more reliable connection. Please note that while it has the highest torsional rigidity, it cannot absorb any misalignment.