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Sprockets for Drive Chains

RS Sprockets

RS Sprockets are optimal for G8 Series RS Roller Chain.

  • These sprockets are for RS Roller Chain (JIS/ISO standards compliant).
  • Tsubaki offers a line-up that includes hardened teeth types, SD types for use with two strands of single-strand chain, Fit Bore Series with shaft bore diameter and keyway finished and set screws provided, Lock Series with tightening device, and Tough Tooth sprockets optimized for use with Heavy Duty Chain.
  • Type A, B, C, SD (two single strands), FB Series (with finished bores), Lock Series (S/N), Tough Tooth

RS Sprocket Environment Resistant Series

Wide line-up of stainless steel sprockets with excellent corrosion resistance and engineering plastic sprockets that can be used without additional lubrication.

  • Stainless Steel Series
  • Engineering Plastic Series
RS Sprocket Environment Resistant Series

Custom Series (Additional Machining)

We stock a wide variety of Fit Bore Series sprockets with finished bores. However, we offer an Easy Bore Finishing Service to give you an even wider selection of bores.

Custom Series (Additional Machining)