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Tsubaki Lift Masters provide solutions to your problems.

Lift Masters provide efficient energy savings

Reduced running cost

With hydraulic lifters, if there is a blackout or other power outage the load cannot be retained and will gradually fall, which is dangerous. In addition, it is necessary to always move the hydraulic unit in order to continue holding the load, which costs money (electricity).

Lift Masters use a motor with a brake, so it is not necessary to supply electricity while keeping the load. In addition, even if there is a blackout or other power outage, since the load will continue to be retained braking force, so there is no danger of falling.

*Tsubaki offers a drop prevention pin on an MTO basis just in case there is a fall.

With hydraulic lifters・・・

With hydraulic lifters

Gradually falls!

As you can see, with Lift Masters

Benefits of Lift Masters

Non-excitation brake

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