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Hose and Cable Carrier System

Tsubaki Cableveyors are cable and hose protection devices that reliably guide and support cables/hoses housed inside on machine tools and other industrial machinery.


This page is for Tsubaki Cableveyor cable carriers. Plastic cable carriers are easy to handle and come in a complete line-up from compact to large sizes. Steel cable carriers are highly durable and come in open and closed types.

Cableveyor® Accessories

Tsubaki offers a variety of accessories for cable carriers, from long life, small bending radius cables for motion designed specifically for use in cable carrier systems to clamp products to fix cables/hoses easily and accurately and protect them from sliding wear and damage.


Tsubaki Flatveyor is free-standing flat cable system that houses internal support member. Maximum stroke is up to 2.8m. Flatveyor enables to operate with minimum bouncing and low noise.


Cleanveyor are cable systems that achieve zero debris generation and are designed for clean rooms. They are clean class certified ISO Class 1 and provide long service life with over 10 million cycles. Also, they are quiet at less than 36dB(A). We provide them complete with cables/hoses to match your operating conditions.


TotalTrax is a service that delivers cable carriers and cables/hoses as a set. It ensures that installation on machinery or equipment is quicker thanks to the cables delivered already assembled in. Also, manpower for ordering can be reduced because only one supplier is needed.