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  • Totaltrax®


Totaltrax® is a service that delivers cable carriers and cables/hoses as a set.

Helps speed up installation on machinery or equipment thanks to the cables delivered already included.

Also, labor for ordering can be reduced because only one supplier is needed.


1. Unification of Suppliers

Tsubaki's Totaltrax system, which includes delivery of a cable carrier + cable/hose as a set, ensures customers receive just what they need, when and where they need it.

2. Our specialized staff provides support throughout the entire process, from planning/designing to delivery/installation.

  • No receiving inspection for each component required.
  • No specialized operating engineers/tools required.
  • Shortens assembly/installation time.
  • Reduces hidden costs such as adjusting/cutting cables.
  • Reduces unnecessary stock.
  • System delivered to specified location as a set.