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BS-F Series

New design for tough environment, high torque, long life, compact and drop in structure.

Ideal for inclined belt conveyor and bucket elevator system.


Torque Range (N·m{kgf·m})
6,760 {690} to 980,000 {100,000}
BS-F Series


Special labyrinth seal mechanism for dusty environment

Flexible labyrinth blocked dust and water against cement and mining tough condition.

Special double lip oil seal and multi temperature grease for wide temperature range
Ambient temperature range: -40°C to +65°C(-40°F to +149°F)
Ingenious backstop mechanism
  • Non-rollover cam
  • Cam & roller cage for longer life at overrunning
The narrowest width with I-beam structure makes easy installation for customer’s current layout
  • No need to modify a current layout when a customer replaces the backstop.
  • New conveyor system also has a benefit to save the space and reduce the installation time.
Down sizing and High speed
TSUBAKI Backstop BS-F series can meet high speed trend of inclined conveyor as well as reducing width by new construction. It is easy replacement from customer’s current backstop.

BS-F Series Features & Structure Video

Model Numbering Example

BS 300 F - 280 J
(1) (2) (3)
  1. (1) Model name: BS = Back Stop, 300 = Size, F = F series
  2. (2) Bore size in mm 280 = 280mm H7
  3. (3) Keyway: J = JIS B1301-1996, ISO R773