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Corrosion Resistant Drive Chains

Stainless Steel Roller Chain

Roller chain made from stainless steel.

Provides even greater corrosion resistance than RS Roller Chain or RS Surface Treated Roller Chain. Tsubaki offers four standard stainless steel chain types to meet any application.

Surface Treated Roller Chain

RS Roller Chain with a surface coating.

Offers better corrosion resistance than RS Roller Chain. While its corrosion resistance is less than stainless steel, surface treated chain has nearly the same strength as RS Roller Chain.

Titanium Roller Chain

Uses non-magnetic and extremely corrosion resistant titanium.

Usable in contact with sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, chlorine water, strong alkalis, etc.

Cold Resistant Roller Chain

Can be used in lower temperature ranges than RS Roller Chain.

Ideal in operating temperatures of -40ºC to 60ºC where the same kilowatt ratings as RS Roller Chain are needed.
*Allowable load drops to 80% when using an M-type connecting link.

Low Noise Roller Chain

Uses Tsubaki's uniquely structured spring rollers for the chain rollers.

When Tsubaki's Low Noise Roller Chain engages the sprocket, the spring roller deforms and absorbs the force of impact, reducing impact noise between chain and sprocket for 6-8dB lower noise levels compared to Tsubaki's standard (pre-lubed) RS Roller Chain. (In-house comparison testing)

Poly Steel Chain

Uses engineering plastic on the inner link for a clean, lightweight chain.

Offers an attractive appearance with lube-free operation.

Curved Stainless Steel Chain

Roller chain with a unique pin-bush construction and wider clearance between plates for large lateral bending.

Can use RS Sprockets for easy curved power transmission.