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Surface Treated Lambda Chain

The plates and rollers of this Lambda Chain are surface-treated to increase corrosion resistance.

We reviewed the material and processing that go into our special oil-impregnated bushes, and improved the lubricant.

Surface Treated Lambda Chain

1. Lineup and Features

NP Series
  • Plates and rollers have a special nickel plating for light corrosion resistance.
NEP Series
  • Plates have a double layer surface treatment, and rollers are specially coated, for increased corrosion resistance.
  • NEP Series pins are nickel plated and the bushes are made of a sintered metal.
  • NEP Series is made to order, contact a Tsubaki representative for more information.
Improved lubricant of special contained bush
Due to the compliant lubrication to NSF H1 as special contained bush , it also can be used on food machinery. *

2. Model Numbering Example

RS 80 - LMD - NP - 1
(1) (2) (3)
  • (1) Applicable size: 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140
  • (2) Coating Type: NP, NEP
  • (3) No. of strands
Model numbers for ordering connecting links (JL) RS80-LMD-NP-1-JL
Model numbers for ordering offset links (OL) RS80-LMD-NP-1-OL

3. Dimensions/Specifications

*Select the model number for detailed information.

Chain Model No.
1 Strand 2 Strands
RS100-LMD-NP-1 RS100-LMD-NP-2

Safety Precautions for Lambda Chain

  • Do not use Lambda Chain if the chain will come in direct contact with food or where coating flakes or wear dust can contaminate food. Also, in non-food applications, appropriately cover the chain or contact a Tsubaki representative about chain selection if using in environments where coating flakes or wear dust present problems. Though nickel is not subject to the japan Food Sanitation Law or the Industry Safety and Health Law, plating on sliding parts can peel.
  • Do not use Lambda Chain where there is the possibility of exposure to chemicals, water, or cleaning/degreasing vapors.
  • Oil might spatter depending on the usage conditions.
  • Please be aware that NSF H1 non-compliant rust prevention oil and assembly oil may be present on the chain.