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Eco Series (CDS Type)

Amid growing concern about environmental issues worldwide we are addressing these issues by developing this environmentally-friendly Power Cylinder. In addition to its superiority over air and hydraulic systems, the Eco Series does not use parts containing harmful substances. This product is more environmentally friendly than our previous models, and can be used in various applications including replacement of air and hydraulic cylinders.

RoHS compliant

Eco Series (CDS Type)


With a spring built in the linear actuating part and the CDS (Current Detective System) mounted in the terminal box, overcurrent is detected even when press contact stops or in the case of overload, and the motor is automatically stopped. During stoppage, the pressing force is maintained by the built-in spring. Pressing stop is possible at any position within the stroke. No electrical positioning or limit switch are required.
Reduced Running Cost & Environment-Friendliness
This electrically operated type consumes electricity only when used, allowing for economical operations. There is no need to operate a compressor all the time like in an air system, so a significant reduction in running costs can be expected. Also, this eco-friendly, RoHS compliant cylinder eliminates your worries about noise and mist spatter seen with air and hydraulic systems.
High-Frequency Operation & Long Life
Capable of a maximum of 15 times/min high-frequency operation. With the ball screw, a long service life of 1 million strokes can be expected.
Easy Handling
Can be operated just by connecting a three-phase power source. No limit switch for stroke adjustment is required, saving you the hassle of wiring. Also compatible with long-distance wiring.



3.Reference Number System

Reference Number System
(1) Rated Thrust
025: 250N{25.5kgf}
050: 500N{51.0kgf}
100: 1000N{102kgf}
(2) Stroke
1: 100mm
2: 200mm
3: 300mm
4: 400mm
5: 500mm
6: 600mm
(3) Option
M: Detent rod type *1
S: With magnetic sensor
I: I type end fitting *2
U: U type end fitting *2
J: Bellows
  • *1. Option S (w/magnetic sensor) is always detent rod type.
  • *2. Standard end has a screw shape.

4.Standard Specifications

Model Speed Mark Body Configuration Rated Thrust
Motor Output
LPE025 H T
250{25.5} 160/190/200 0.25(50Wor equivalent) 100
LPE050 L 500{51.0} 90/100/110 0.25(50W or equivalent)
H 160/170/190 0.50(90W or equivalent)
LPE100 L 1.00k{102} 90/90/110 0.50(90W or equivalent)

*Compression force is 2 to 3 times the rated thrust, varying according to the model.


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