• Linear Actuator


LiniSpeed Jack

LiniSpeed Jack

Innovative jacks that provide high-speed, high-frequency operations and low-floor specifications.

  • ·Ultra-high speed operation at 200mm/s
  • ·High speed operation available in smaller sizes than previous jacks
  • ·Enables low-floor specifications thanks to its new design.
  • ·Maximum 100% ED hourly allowable load rate

LiniPower® Jack

Lini Power Jack

Screw jacks constructed with the combination of a trapezoidal screw or ball screw and worm gear.

  • ·Operates by just being connected to a drive motor.
  • ·Comes in three types: trapezoidal screw thread, ball screw, and high-lead ball screw types.
  • ·We offer LD specifications (low debris-generating type) suitable for clean room applications.