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Mini Keeper

Slipping clutch and brake with the friction facings made of fine chemicals.


In addition to the anti-wear design, features the torque indicator and light-weight body for ease of use.

RoHS compliant


Capacity N·cm Models
1.96 to 39.2 3 Models


Ultra-lightweight & compact

Use of engineering plastic materials makes the Mini Keeper ultra-light and compact.

Stable slip torque & torque repeatability

By employing fine chemicals for the friction surface, delivers long service life, stable slipping torque, and accurate torque repeatability.

Easy to handle

The easy-to-read torque indicator makes the torque setting easy.


Structure Structure

3.Model Numbering Example

MK 08
(1) (2)
  1. (1) Mini keeper
  2. (2) Size

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