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Nylon Chain Coupling

Economical type couplings consisting of sprockets provided with resin chains such as polyacetal.


Suitable for drive units of food machineries and light-duty conveyors.

All models are RoHS compliant.

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Product Types / Features

  • Standard



    Economical, flexible couplings consisting of sprockets and typical engineering plastic chains made of polyacetal.

  • E Type

    E Type

    E Type

    The body is made of extra super duralumin. The torque is 30% higher compared to the standard type due to its new tooth configuration.

  • H Type

    H Type

    H Type

    Excellent resistance to the environment and chemicals by employing extra super duralumin for the body, and Hytrel ® for the chain.


Capacity (N·m {kgf·m}) Bore Diameter Range (mm)
6.86 {0.7} to 255 {26.0} φ9.0 to φ55.0

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