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EF Series

EL Series built-in pressure flange type

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RoHS compliant

EF Series

1. Features

  • The EL Series type integrated pressure flange saves you the hassle of making a pressure flange.
  • Designed with the same inner and outer diameters as the EL Series, the EF Series offers 2 to 3 times the rated torque capacity of the EL Series. You can use fewer units of the EF Series to replace EL Series unit.
  • Due to its self-centering feature there is no need for machining of the guide portion on the hub.

2. Structure

  • The EF Series Power-Locks are constructed of the following three parts: inner and outer rings, and locking bolts.
  • Simply tighten these bolts to achieve a completely secure connection.

3. Model Numbers & Specifications


Model No. Shaft Diameter Range Transmissible Torque Detailed Data
N·m kgf·m
EF Series φ10 to φ120 39 to 12600 4.0 to 1290

4. Hub Travel Distance during Installation

When connecting shafts and hubs with the EF Series Power-Locks, the hubs will move. Please pay careful attention.

5. Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example

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