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Small Size Conveyor Chains

Tsubaki's small size conveyor chain can convey items of any shape thanks to our robust line-up of sizes and attachments. A key feature is the wide range of applications to meet any conveyor length, conveying direction, or ambient conditions.

General Use Small Size Conveyor Chains

Our most versatile attachment chain. All parts have been heat treated for higher breakage and fatigue strength.

Lube-Free Small Size Conveyor Chains

Use of special oil-impregnated sintered bushes gives this chain long life without additional lubrication. Helps reduce maintenance time, improve work environments, and increase productivity.

Corrosion Resistant Small Size Conveyor Chains

This chain uses stainless steel and engineering plastic, as well as special surface treatments. The ideal choice for corrosive environments.

Indexing Conveyor Chains

This chain uses needle bearings between pins and bushes to minimize pitch elongation as much as possible. Perfect for conveyors requiring index positioning.

Free Flow Chains

An external stopper can stop conveyed items at any point while the chain continues running. Remove the stopper once work is complete to begin conveyance again.

Special Small Size Conveyor Chains

We offer an extensive line-up of attachment chains to meet the needs of your application, equipment, environment, and work shape.