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Sprockets are gear wheels that transmit shaft rotation to chains or chain rotation to shafts. Types depend on use of a hub: Type A (flat type), Type B (single hub), Type C (dual hub).

Sprockets for Drive Chains

Sprocket for RS Roller Chain (JIS/ISO standards). Standardized for a wide range of products, our extensive line-up includes heat treated tooth types that are ready to deliver promptly.

Sprockets for Small Conveyor Chains

Sprocket for Double Pitch Chain, a flat plate attachment chain with double the pitch of roller chain. Corrosion resistant stainless steel and lube-free engineering plastic sprockets also available.

Large Size Conveyor Chain Sprockets

Large size conveyor chain sprockets use Tsubaki original material for the tooth profile and optimized teeth hardening for improved wear resistance. Over 500 standard products available at affordable prices.

Unit Products

Tsubaki Pin Gear Drive Units are a new type of transmission unit to replace gears and racks. A combination of pin type wheel/rack and gear with special teeth profiles greatly increases design flexibility in rotational and linear drive.