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Timing Belts

Unlike V-belts and flat belts that transmit power through friction alone and suffer slipping, Tsubaki Timing Belts have a tooth profile that engage the pulley to transmit rotation reliably.

Rubber Belts

Tsubaki's Timing Belts (rubber) utilize our long history and know-how in mesh engagement power transmission. We offer specifications for any application and a line-up to satisfy any customer need.


Timing Belt accessories include a Belt Tension Meter for measuring the initial tension of belt and Belt Clamps, which act as mounting brackets in securing work and long belt installations. We also provide online support for timing belt design.

Check out this easy to understand movie explaining how Tsubaki's popular T-ACE Belt Tension Meter works.

Urethane Belts *Discontinued

*Urethane Belts were discontinued in March 2015, although Tsubaki continues to sell urethane belt pulleys.