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Belt Tension Meter T-ACE

The T-ACE Belt Tension Meter is a sound wave type belt tension meter that measures the initial tension of a belt.

Controlling the initial tension of a belt is very important for it to demonstrate full performance..

The T-ACE is an economical meter developed uniquely by Tsubaki with improved features.

T-ACE Belt Tension Meter picture

1. Features and principle of measurement

The belt tension meter captures the sound waves generated by the amplitude with a mic. The frequency is then sent to a microcomputer, which then digitally displays load.

Features of the T-ACE Belt Tension Meter

  • Memory function that can store 10 measuring conditions
  • Easy to see wide LCD screen and easy handling
  • Unit display can freely switch between units (N/Hz)
T-ACE Belt Tension Meter picture

2. How it works -- Movie

T-ACE Belt Tension Meter -- Movie

*Note that there will be sound.

3. T-ACE Belt Tension Meter

Model number BDTM101
Measuring range 30~600Hz, 0.1~9999N (Display range )
Belt span length *1 0.001~9.999m
Unit mass *1 0.001~9.999kg/m
Operating temperature -10~60°C
Power source AAA dry cell batteries (4)
Mass/dimensions 160g (main body), L162 X W61.6 X D30mm
Accessories *2 Sensor microphone, dry cell batteries (AAA X 4), carrying case
  • 1. Depending on the combination of measuring conditions, the oscillation frequency can sometimes be out of measurable range even if the initial tension is appropriate. (Care should be taken when the span is longer than 1m.)
  • 2. A cord-type sensor microphone option is available. (Cable length: 1m)