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PX Belt

TSUBAKI PX Belt was developed to be a higher performance timing belt.

Uses a rational circular tooth profile based on minute engagement logic to realize a timing belt with dramatically better performance.

A wide variety of sizes available makes them useful in improving the performance of various machines.

RoHS compliant

PX Belts picture

1. Features

More rational tooth engagement
High load transmission is possible by using a rational circular tooth profile.
Higher tooth jumping torque
Large belt teeth provide high tooth jumping torque performance.
Low noise thanks to the adoption of unique dimples on the tooth ends.
Higher precision
Both the top and bottom of the belt are flush with the pulley, enabling high precision drive.


Dimple images

Belt contact

Belt contact images

2. Structure

PX belts Structure illastrations

3. Size list/details

  • Oil and water resistant: No (cannot be used)
  • Operating temperature range: -15°C to 80°C
  • Electrical conductivity: None
Pitch 2mm* Name belt Width mm Details
P2M4-530 4
P2M6-530 6
P2M10-530 10
Pitch 3mm* Name belt Width mm Details
P3M6-530 6
P3M10-530 10
P3M15-530 15
Pitch 5mm Name belt Width mm Details
P5M10 10
P5M15 15
P5M25 25
Pitch 8mm Name Belt width mm Details
P8M15 15
P8M25 25
P8M40 40
P8M60 60
Pitch 14mm Name belt Width mm Details
P14M40 40
P14M60 60
P14M80 80
P14M100 100
P14M120 120

SHINAYAKA 530 Belt is a standard type.