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A flexible type belt with minimal wear debris generated.

RoHS compliant

P2M-530, P3M-530
SHINAYAKA 530 Belt picture
Product information
Trapezoidal Belts (MXL) in this product line has been discontinued at the end of September, 2013. Thank you very much for your continuous support.Please consider using our PX Belt and Ultra PX Belt.

1. Feature

Less wear debris generated
Their minimal wear debris generation makes them perfect for use in equipment and environments where wear debris is to be avoided.
Flexible belt
Their flexibility means initial tension can be set low, with no axial load. Energy loss is also at a minimum.

2. Size list/details

  • Oil and water resistant: No (cannot be used)
  • Operating temperature range: -15°C to 80°C
  • Electrical conductivity: None
Pitch 2mm Name Belt width mm Details
P2M4-530 4
P2M6-530 6
P2M10-530 10
Pitch 3mm Name Belt width mm Details
P3M6-530 6
P3M10-530 10
P3M15-530 15