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N Type Lock Pulleys

N Type Lock Pulleys can be locked easily with a single nut.

Shaft diameters available from 7mm. Ideal for small shaft locking.

N Type Lock Pulleys picture

1.Locking principle

Timing pulleys move by sliding along the taper face. A wedge effect generates P・P' force that pushes down on the shaft and inner taper face. This thrust generates friction that tightly connects the Timing Pulley to the shaft.

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2. New Service

  • Lock pulleys for urethane belts and other items are also available.
  • Lock pulleys for competitor tooth profiles also available. (Lot pricing)

Size list

Name Pitch (mm)
P3M 3
P5M 5
Name Pitch (mm)
XL 9.525
L 9.525
H 12.700