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Top Chains

Top chain has three types; "Plastic modular chain" with the belt-like wide conveying surface, "Plastic top chain" with transfer plate, and "Plastic block chain" with block shape and small width.

Plastic Modular Chain

Plastic Modular Chain uses an alternating combination of interconnected modular engineering plastic links to transport goods in large quantities on wide, belt-shaped conveyors.

Plastic Top Chain

Top plates and chains are made of engineering plastic and are connected using engineering plastic or stainless steel pins. Other types feature plates of engineering plastic combined with steel, nickel-plated steel, lube-free steel, or stainless steel base chains.

Plastic Block Chain

A smaller chain pitch allows use of sprockets with a smaller outer diameter, reducing dead space between conveyors and transitioning goods more smoothly.

SnapCover® Chain

Combination of steel base chain and plastic covers. Offers the same allowable load as TSUBAKI standard steel conveyor chain. Even when they are placed directly on the chain itself, conveyed items are protected by the plastic covers.

Stainless Steel Top Chain

A conveyor chain with stainless steel top plates perfect for conveying heavy loads. Has a higher allowable load than standard plastic top chain and uses corrosion resistant stainless steel for the integrated top plates.

Top Chain Accessories

We offer a complete line-up of accessories, plastic rails, specialty plastic and idler sprockets.