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Connecting joints

Connecting joints are a frame support parts for Top Chains.

Connect two conveyor legs to stabilize a conveyor.

Connecting joints

1. Connecting joints — Overview

Model No.: TP-C14733T-CJ, TP-C14746T-CJ

Connecting joints picture
  • TP-C14733T-CJ: Pipe outside dia. 48.6mm & 42.7mm (Nominal diameter1 ½ & 1 ¼)
  • TP-C14746T-CJ: Pipe outside dia. 60.5mm & 42.7mm (Nominal diameter2 & 1 ¼)
  • Material:
    Main body = Reinforced polyamide, Bolt = Stainless steel (SUS304), Bush = Brass
  • Do not get on the reinforcing pipe, as the position of the connecting joint may shift.
*Equivalent to MB