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  • Idler Wheels for Top Chains

Idler Wheels for TPUN Chains

Idler wheels for TPUN Series plastic Top Chain.

Number of teeth 8 and 10T available.

We have discontinued sales of TP-C12724T-IW model in January 2020.

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Idler Wheels for TPUN Chains

1. Line-up

Applicable chains TPUN555, TPUN550-LH, TPUN535-LH形, TP-50UNS, TP-50UNS-D76
Number of teeth 10T 8T
Type Solid
Model number TP-C12741T-IW TP-C12737T-IW
Material Polyamide

2.Model Numbering Example

TP-C12737T - IW
(1) (2)
  1. (1) Type: TP-C12741T = Number of teeth 10, TP-C12737T = Number of teeth 8
  2. (2) Simplified code: IW = Idler wheel