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  • Idler Wheels for Top Chains

Idler Wheels for WTM2535G-M/TTP/TPF/TT/TPS/TTUP/TTU chains

Idler Wheels for
WTM2535G-M/TTP/TPF/TT/TPS/TTUP/TTU Series plastic Top Chains.

Equivalent no. of teeth 21, 23, and 25T available.

*Available for the chains in the following charts.

Idler Wheels for TTP/TPF/TT/TPS/TTUP/TTU Chains

1. Line-up

Applicable chains WTM2535G-M, TTP Series, TTPH Series, TTPT Series, TPF Series, TT Series, TP-OTD Series, TPS Series, TTUP Series, TTUPH Series, TTU Series, TPH Series, BTC8H-M, BTM8H-M
Equivalent no. of teeth 21, 23, 25
Type Solid Split
Basic model no. TP-C*****BT-IW
Material Polyamide Body = Polyamide
Bolts & nuts = Stainless steel
Shape Solid Type picture Split Type picture
  • When assembling a pair of split sprockets, avoid mixing with the other pairs.
  • Idler wheels rotate on shafts and so are not suitable for use with abrasive substances.
  • Use with polished shafts.

2.Model Numbering Example

TP-C12200BT - IW
(1) (2)
  1. (1) Type
  2. (2) Simplified code: IW = Idler wheel