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  • Sprockets for Top Chains

Sprockets for BTC4-M Chain

Solid sprockets for BTC4-M plastic modular chain.

10T type sprockets can reduce dead space in conveyors even more.

  • Available with 10T and 24T.
Srockets for BTC4-M Chain

1. Line-up

Type Solid Sprockets
Model no. BTC4-10T18 BTC4-24T30
Applicable chains BTC4-M
Shape WT-S5707
Material Reinforced polyamide
No. of teeth 10 24
Bore diameter φ18 φ30
  • Made-to-order product.
  • BTC4-10T17 (bore size: φ17) also available
  • Link color for BTC4-10T18 changed from light grey to black.

2.Model Numbering Example

Model Numbering Example
  1. (1) Type
  2. (2) No. of teeth: 10T = 10, 24T = 24
  3. (3) Bore diameter: mm 18 = φ18, 30 = φ30