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  • Plastic Modular Chain

BTC8H-M/BTM8H-M Series

Chain pitch: 25.4mm, Chain width: 82.6mm (fixed width type)

Closed types suited for flat conveyance and magnetic types ideal for inclined conveyance.

  • BTC8H-M: Closed type
  • BTM8H-M: Magnetic type

1. Features

  • Ideal for using in parallel to convey trays.
  • Magnets are embedded into the magnetic type (BTM8H-M) to allow metal trays to be convey on inclines.

Made-to-order product. You will need to contact a Tsubaki representative regarding magnet positioning.

2. Sample magnet positioning (BTM8H-M)

The magnetic type (BTM8H-M) can have magnets embedded on the right side, column2 side, or both sides of the chain in its direction of travel at any spacing.

See the diagram at the right for magnet positioning.

BTM8H-M diagram

3. Model Numbering Example

BTC8H-M/BTM8H-M Model Numbering Example
  1. (1) Model
  2. (2) Link shape: C = Closed type, M = Magnetic type
  3. (3) Chain pitch: 8 = 25.4mm
  4. (4) Model
  5. (5) Chain width: 826 = 82.6mm
  6. (6) M: Fixed width
  7. (7) Series code: G = Standard (gray), B = Standard (blue)
  8. (8) Blank = Closed type, TK = Magnetic type (MTO item)