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  • Plastic Modular Chain

WT2525VG-K Series

Plastic Modular Chain
Rubber type in WT2520 series is lined up!

  • WT2525VG-K: Rubber type

2021.06.01 New release


1. Features

Suitable for vertical transportation due to the high friction of rubber-sufrace

Enables vertical transportation thanks to rubber molded by double injection molding

Layout example

Inline layout shortens dead space between conveyors.

Possible to shorten dead space between conveyors due to using small rollers of diameter of 50 mm for both ends of the conveyors.
Center-driven bi-directional drive. Refer to following layout.

  • Protect by safety device such as cover to prevent fingers jammed.

Layout: Center-driven bi-directional drive

Indent prevents wear of rubber.

By supporting chain using return rollers or wearstrips at indent section in return way, it is possible to prevent rubber from wearing.*1

The rubber part and the indent part are different in color due to the combination of WT2525VG-K for rubber part and WT2525-K for indent.*2

  • 1 The chain should be supported at rubber part in case of center-driven bi-directional drive application.
  • 2 Indent application: Made-to-order (FRQ) product.

Possible to maintain only with flathead screwdriver.

Possible to maintain only with flathead screwdriver due to adopting Pin and Plug system.

2. Applications

Industry Icons

LogisticsOutfeeder of stacked cardboard sheets

Machined partsVertical transport of rubber block

BeveragesVertical transport of shrink packed bottles

3. Model Numbring Example

WT 25 25 VG - K12 - G + 80 L
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
  1. (1) Chain type
  2. (2) Chain pitch: 25 = 25.4mm
  3. (3) Link shape: 5 = closed type
  4. (4) Chain type: Rubber type
  5. (5) Chain width: K12=304.8 mm.*Digit after K represents width in inch. Multiply by 25.4 for mm.
  6. (6) Chain material: G = Standard
  7. (7) Minimum quantity: 2, Maximum quantity: 99999
  8. (8) Unit: L = Link
  • Refer to "Dimensions and specifications" or "Top Chain Catalog" for the availability of the material.
  • Do not leave space between letters and symbols.